The Izuna Drop – EP

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Unsigned Artists Reviews


Reviewed By: Metalzine
Genre: Digital-Tech Metal

Inspired to name themselves after a fictional fight move in a 1962 Japanese comic, The Izuna Drop hatched a plan to combine metal with digital elements of dubstep and drum n’ bass. The band itself was formed by vocalist Jon Ayre in 1999 and went under the name Shellshock.

Over the years the band have toured with the likes of Enter Shikari, Skindred and the now infamous Lostprophets and were even selected by Marilyn Manson to appear on the cover CD of his guest editorial instalment of Metal Hammer magazine. The impressive regime of Shellshock was brought crashing down, however, following the tragic death of their guitarist Rafe Chiles, and the decision to change their name to The Izuna Drop came in 2013 following a series of subsequent changes in personnel. The band features Jon Ayre, UK Subs drummer Jamie Oliver, Joel Barnes on synth/guitar/backing vocals, bassist Tom Mason and guitar pro Matt Prior.

This just may be the EP of the year. Entrenched in a fuzzy, earthy tone (with a suitably high bass production), The Izuna Drop stand out from the production line bands that insist on clinical coldness. They simply excel in an area that most groups in the field have never heard of: moderation. Rather than trying to outcalculate Stephen Hawking, it focuses on organic riffing supported by airy sections that allow listeners to gather and recollect (i.e. “Darkness Within Her”) Such moments allow appreciation of the complexity of the music and the underlying melody within it… as opposed to the tactic of flattening the audience with a forgettable, endless stream of notes.

This EP wears machine parts atop an inner working of organic elements, elevating complex songs to catchy memorability. Simply put this release should not be missed.

Check It Out Here

METALZINE ‘M’ Outta Five

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